Software 2010

This year I am honored to be speaking twice at the Software2010 conference. This is one of the oldest and largest IT conferences in Norway as far as I know. The first talk is Hvordan lykkes som kunde i et … Continue reading →

Do you have the wrong product owner?

Developers in agile projects often tell me the greatest challenges in they face are in relation to the product owner. The specific issues vary but a couple of things usually come up: The product owner does not have enough time … Continue reading →

The value of value

This week Kai Gilb published the first two posts in a series criticizing the current state of agile and Scrum. On principle I would have welcomed this since I think there are a number of serious problems in the way … Continue reading →

The beauty of the counterintuitive

Agile and lean thinking in software are entering the early majority phase of adoption. This is as always a confusing period since the beginners greatly outnumber the more experienced practitioners. Misunderstandings are rife and a lot of people are struggling … Continue reading →


Difi har lansert en prosjektveiviser. Jeg er ikke helt begeistret og har startet en diskusjon på smidig forumet.

Smidig 2009

Smidig 2009 er over. Det var to intense dager den 22-23. oktober. Min lyntale om release strategi ble filmet og ligger her. Nå skal Johannes Brodwall og jeg jobbe videre med Wikien og boken. Vi jobber for tiden med å … Continue reading →

Agile release strategy wiki

A new Wiki is being set up by Johannes Brodwall and myself: Agile Release Strategies. The purpose of this wiki is to collect techniques that make it possible to release a system to production earlier and more often. We believe … Continue reading →

Agile release strategy

After having given my talk on release strategy in replacement projects on Agile 2009 (here are the slides and paper) I got to thinking about release strategy in general. I find it strange that Scrum is prescriptive about iteration length … Continue reading →

Agile 2009

My talk at Agile 2009 in Chicago got good reviews. The talk was called “Strategies for replacing systems in agile projects” and the slides are now available here and on the agile 2009 site . This paper describes my ideas … Continue reading →

Scrum – utviklerens revansje? av Glen Farley

Publisert i ComputerWorld Norge, 27. mars 2009. Glen har bedt meg om å legge artikkelen ut her sånn at den blir tilgjengelig på Internett. Innmarsjen av smidige utviklingsmetoder er et svar på reelle problemer med tradisjonelle, tungvinte utviklings- og prosjektmetoder. … Continue reading →


About Niklas

Born in Sweden, grew up in New York, lives in Norway. Yes, I have problems with identity, but I do think that my background helps me see things from a different perspective.

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