Software 2010

This year I am honored to be speaking twice at the Software2010 conference. This is one of the oldest and largest IT conferences in Norway as far as I know. The first talk is Hvordan lykkes som kunde i et smidig prosjekt?. For those of you that have trouble with Norwegian this can be translated as: “How do you succeed as customer of an agile project?”. The talk is a condensed version of the course I will be holding in March. There are a lot of things a customer needs to do differently in an agile project. The talk will give an overview of the most important issues.

The second talk is a 10 minute lightning talk called: Feil utrullingsstrategi dreper prosjekter. (Poor release strategy kills projects). This is based on my work with the Agile release strategy wiki.

Posted on 2010.01.19 at 11:57

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