Agile in practice

I help customers get as much value as possible from software development and suppliers in delivering that value. I do this by either taking an operative role in the an organization (product owner, project manager, …) or by coaching others. When a software project gets into trouble I step in as the intermediary that helps to get things back on track.

I use experience gained from many years as a consultant with customers in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. I base my work on agile and lean development practices. Over the years I have held almost every role there is in software development on both the customer and supplier side. This experience helps me avoid religious tendencies. I am also a certified PMP (project management professional) which enables me to work together with people who are unfamiliar with agile and lean ideas.

Lowering risk

Agile and lean ideas, used intelligently, can reduce risk in software development. When I work with development teams I prefer to see myself as a catalyst instead of as a manager or scrum master. Long term improvement comes through helping others solve problems, not by presenting them with finished solutions.

The projects I have been involved with have consistently been able to deliver working solutions that have successfully been put into production.

Complex replacement projects

I have worked with everything from modern web-based solutions to complex (and ancient) back-end systems in Cobol. An agile approach to replacement projects is one of my specialties. Figuring out how to break down a large replacement project into multiple deliveries is essential in reducing the risk of failure.

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About Niklas

Born in Sweden, grew up in New York, lives in Norway. Yes, I have problems with identity, but I do think that my background helps me see things from a different perspective.

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