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I love Twitter as a way of exchanging ideas but it sucks as a persistence mechanism. Here are tweets that I want to keep around for more than one week (Twitters search limit):

It is amazing to see how much effort some businesses spend on estimating, prioritizing and reporting tasks instead of doing them

One aspect of agile that many managers fail to grok is that you should start developing with incomplete and partially incorrect info

The value of documentation decreases exponentially with size.

The instinctive reaction of many managers to a capacity problem is to demand more planning, thereby reducing capacity…

Stupidity is the lack of appreciation of knowledge you do not have. I find that intelligent people suffer from this too.

“Hire the best” can be valid for individual companies. It’s moronic as general advice

In the real world, people tend to not respect the boundaries in Venn-diagrams

The whole Norwegian telephone catalog in 1880: pic.twitter.com/iPnAQGjQnA Reminds me of the list of servers I could access in 1988.

The catch22 of a precise terminology is that it is only precise for those who are familiar with it.

If you truly want fewer meetings, try having more conversations.


Of all the lean ideas I think “eliminating waste” is the most catastrophically misunderstood

The statement: “POs are not allowed to speak at the stand-up” is interesting to ponder in terms of trust, collaboration, respect…

There is a hidden reason for why pair programming makes you more effective. Used correctly, it reduces the need for handovers.

If the proposition that you should never advocate best practices was right… this would be a best practice

If your customer is able to write a complete and consistent spec of the system they want…they probably don’t need it

Domain experience is overrated. Its much easier for a good consultancy to learn a domain than it is for a bad one to learn good practices.

The real cause of bot nets is that there is an underpriced resource (unused CPU cycles). A market needs to be created.

In computing we are so used to change that we are impressed when an idea is still valid after 25 years.

In 100 years most of today’s computing problems will be gone, except for latency and time zones.

User testing can be used in surprising ways. I just used it to figure out in which drawer my cutlery should be in.

Alan Coopers presentation http://www.cooper.com/journ… is a fascinating combination of profound insights and bullshit.

I hate it when people say that agile and lean are intuitive. The best parts of both are counterintuitive.

In 1990 Adele Goldberg said “in ten years objects will be boring”. Same thing will happen with agile.

If you aim for the moon you will probably be incinerated on the launch pad.

Oxymoron advertising: Toyota’s Prius commercial in Norway says “A hybrid built without compromises”.

The hardest part about killing your darlings is not doing it but learning to love doing it.

“Have you seen a talking cow?” “No…” “Well, then you are definitely not an authority on talking cows”

I don´t believe in conspiracy theories but I do believe in networks of incompetence.

Twitter is a great place to share new ideas and inane flight information.

Inane children’s TV asks “do you want to hear this story?”. 5 yo answers: “only if it´s not boring”

My daughter started crying when her brother shoved her. The weird thing is that it was a virtual shove inside a computer game…

Philosophy from a 4 year old: When I grow up I am going to be Gave Over

Ray Kurzweil says we will be immortal in 20 years: http://tinyurl.com/l7cnxw Is it a coincidence that he is 61 and prob. hopes to live then?

Cosmologists understand almost everything about the universe, with the exception of about 96% of the matter and energy in it…

Throwing out old books is a process of coming to terms with my self deceptions. I have been planning to read some of them for decades.

Its much smarter to lie about the past than the near future. If you lie about the future time will catch you. The past cant be proven…

Just saw a twitter message in Japanese and realize that they can get a lot more said in 140 characters…

“All problems go away in time, even the fear of death” Garrison Keillor


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