The beauty of the counterintuitive

Agile and lean thinking in software are entering the early majority phase of adoption. This is as always a confusing period since the beginners greatly outnumber the more experienced practitioners. Misunderstandings are rife and a lot of people are struggling … Continue reading →

Agile release strategy

After having given my talk on release strategy in replacement projects on Agile 2009 (here are the slides and paper) I got to thinking about release strategy in general. I find it strange that Scrum is prescriptive about iteration length … Continue reading →

Why hire a product owner?

The product owner is one of the key roles in a Scrum project. (The product owner role is actually important in almost any type of project – be it RUP-based or anything else – it’s just has different names in … Continue reading →


About Niklas

Born in Sweden, grew up in New York, lives in Norway. Yes, I have problems with identity, but I do think that my background helps me see things from a different perspective.

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