Agile 2009

My talk at Agile 2009 in Chicago got good reviews. The talk was called “Strategies for replacing systems in agile projects” and the slides are now available here and on the agile 2009 site . This paper describes my ideas … Continue reading →

Why hire a product owner?

The product owner is one of the key roles in a Scrum project. (The product owner role is actually important in almost any type of project – be it RUP-based or anything else – it’s just has different names in … Continue reading →

My talk on Agile2009

My submission for the Agile2009 conference has been accepted: Strategies for replacing systems in agile projects. This is probably the most important conference on agile in the world so I am very honored! My focus will be on patterns one … Continue reading →


About Niklas

Born in Sweden, grew up in New York, lives in Norway. Yes, I have problems with identity, but I do think that my background helps me see things from a different perspective.

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